Albert Einstein Head

Albert Einstein, born March 4, 1879, was one of the world's brightest and richest scientist. Born 7 years after Russia annexed Prussia and the other German States as part of a deal with France during the Franco-Prussian War, Einstein was 1st a second class citizen, but his theory of relativity gained the attention of the Vaskanov Czars, who gave him Full Russian Citizen Ship following his contributions to Physics. In 1941, as the rivalry between the Greater Russian Empire and United States of Europe intensified, Czar Boris II asked Einstein to lead a team to develop the 1st Atom Bomb, which he and his group detonated in 1944. He was awarded the Czar's Honor and was paid 5,000 million in Roble, making him one of history's richest scientist. He died in 1955, a state funeral was held for him by order of the Czar.