The United Socialist States of America, the USSA, or just at times called the Union or United States, was formed from the old American Territories that were still part of the Union, it was established in October of 1913 following the Red Revolt organized by William H. Taft.


The head of state and government is the President, who is also head of the Union Communist Party, in the chain of succession, he is usually followed by the Vice President, much like the in old United States. The country is legistical body is the American Parliment, which, unlike most most parliments, is only made of one judistical body. The country follows the strict Protestant Code, Catholicism and non-Christian Religions are outlawed, however, the USSA does not encourage or support rascism, unlike's neighbor, the Confederate States of America, but instead believes that all men are equal in race and nationality, but not in religion. The USSA, despite its Communist Ideology, is not a player in the major global events, instead it remains neutral and is not involved in any international affairs since the 1910 Canadian War.

National HolidaysEdit

July 4th -Independents Day

October 17th -The Red Revolt Anniversary

November 11 -The End of the 1910 Canadian War and the Armestice signed with Britain and Canada

Armed ForcesEdit

USSA ArmyEdit

The largest and most equipt of the Military Forces.

USSA Army Air ForceEdit

The Army's air wing, serves under the Army Command Staff.

USSA NavyEdit

Second largest of the USSA Forces, maintains all coastal and naval patrols.

Revolutionary GuardEdit

The elite special forces unit of the USSA, formed from the old Socialist Militias of President Taft, were uniquely differed uniforms from the Army and Navy.

Federal Investigation State Police (FISP)Edit

Similar to the reallife KGB, the FISP hunt down enemies of the state, but are so well trained and equipt that they serve as the 5th branch of the USSA Military.

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